We are open to exploring the renewable energy sector in India

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green_ahead_mike_allenSays Dr Mike Allen, New Zealand Special Envoy for Renewable Energy and Executive Director, Geothermal, New Zealand Inc., in an interview with Monica Chaturvedi Charna…

Kindly comment on cleantech technologies that India is procuring from New Zealand (NZ) or could do so in the future?
We are open to exploring the renewable energy sector in India and study the waste and water management concerns in India. The country possesses a lot of opportunities, and we are here to understand the needs of the Indian market in the wind technology space and bring forth what we can sell.

Suggest technologies that India could adopt from NZ in biomass since India produces a lot of waste that could be converted into usable energy.
There are tremendous opportunities that could be explored. New Zealand uses biomass extensively, particularly around industrial and residential consumption. We also have some very good  technologies around biogas that are also exported globally. These are both at the small and medium scale, including farms since NZ has a strong agricultural background and not an industrial background. These models could be imitated in India’s rural areas.

Any tie-ups between India and New Zealand?
A few partnerships are already developed and some are underway. Some firms are doing very well in India, especially in petroleum and gas fuel.

Back home, how do you manage solid waste?
We do not burn solid waste but dump it in sanitary landfills, which are used to produce methane gas for generation. Since our population is small as compared to India, our landfills are not that huge and we have a very advanced recycling programme in place. So, at least 60-70% of the inorganic waste (plastic, paper, glass, etc.) is recycled. It is very important to segregate the waste so we have designed systems to segregate waste at the end point.

You were recently in India for the 9th Renewable Energy India (REI) 2015 event. What was the purpose of the visit and how was the experience?
I led a business delegation of 17 well-established NZ firms that have great technological offerings for India in cleantech and renewables. They demonstrated their skill and expertise in this market. We bring to India a very proud and established history both in RE and cleantech. We are recognised as a very innovative country that has taken advantage of its location in the world and created solutions that work in our favour. Nearly 82% of our country’s energy supply comes from renewables made up of hydro, geothermal, wind, and increasingly solar. The government has a target of increasing this to 90% by 2025. We also have experience in policy design and regulation, project management and demand side integration. We believe that there is potential for a great partnership between New Zealand’s innovation and technology and the very strong focus that India has brought to this area. We look forward to a great future with India in the years to come.


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