Need for smart grids

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Other objectives of the smart grid programme for the power sector utilities include peak load management, power purchase planning, optimum asset utilisation, minimising grid disruption, faster grid repair and integration of the renewable generation into the national grid.

As a result of smart grid the consumers would also benefit by way of better and expanded access to electricity, improvement in power supply reliability, improved quality of the voltage, better customer interface with utilities, and financial savings. The government and regulators would also benefit from the smart grid by way of electricity access to all, sound electric supply system, lower requirement for financial support to the utilities and better environment. The national smart grid mission plans to align the current programmes under integrated power development programme and rural electrification programme to achieve the said objectives.

At present some specific pilot projects are also being run by various utilities. These pilot projects are primarily towards advanced metering infrastructure residential (AMI R), advanced metering infrastructure industrial (AMI I), peak load management (PLM), outage management System (OMS) and power quality management (PQM). However, the size and scale of these pilot projects is small as compared to the overall power sector and requirements of a smart grid mission. In order to build a real smart grid which delivers value to all participants, including access to power, stable grid, lower ATC losses and healthy share of renewables, the government will have to increase the support for smart grid mission and look at a faster implementation of the programme.

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