Mumbai’s strategic recycled water masterplan awarded to Black & Veatch

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India’s largest recycled water masterplan, for the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), will be prepared by Black & Veatch.
In view of new discharge standards by the Central Pollution Control Board, MCGM is planning to include tertiary treatment for a portion of the flow, and recycle the tertiary treated effluent for non‐potable reuse.

MCGM’s vision is to maximize the use of tertiary treated effluent, over the next 50 years, in order to offset fresh water demand and alleviate the anticipated deficit in water supplies. Using tertiary treated effluent could potentially defer the need for additional water supply projects, preserve raw water resources, and pave the way for sustainable growth.

The Strategic Recycled Water Master Plan will outline the framework for reuse of tertiary treated effluent from all seven of Mumbai’s wastewater treatment plants, and serve as a guiding document to build infrastructure for recycled water in a phased manner.
Anand Pattani, Managing Director, Black & Veatch India, said, “Water reuse is a win-win for Mumbai. Treating wastewater to a tertiary standard provides significant health and environmental benefits. Reusing that treated wastewater could relieve the pressure on the city’s potable water supply.”

Black & Veatch will deliver this complex project through a combination of local and global expertise. The recycled water masterplan is Black & Veatch’s second marquee project win with MCGM in 12 months. In May 2016 the company was awarded the contract to undertake consultancy services, and prepare a detailed project report and tender documents, for MCGM’s wastewater treatment facility for Malad zone. The project, once commissioned, is likely to be one of India’s largest in terms of treatment capacity.

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